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Patient Information

Dear Patient,


We appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your health care team. In preparation for your visit, we will obtain information from your referring physician. It is important that we have a copy of your imaging tests and a final report concerning the images. You may need to bring these with you to ensure that your visit is meaningful as possible. If you run late for your appointed time or are unable to keep your appointment – please call us as soon as possible so that another patient may take your time slot. We will be happy to reschedule your appointment at a more convenient time.

We also need to have some personal/medical information completed by you. Please note that all 3 forms must be filled out. For your convenience, we now have online forms. Please fill these out prior to your appointment and they will be sent directly to our office. In doing this, we will be able to assemble your chart before to your arrival. You will also need to bring the originals with you at the time of your visit. When you arrive for your visit, we will ask for your driver’s license and insurance cards (as we will need copies for our records). Please bring an up-to-date list of your medications, dosages, allergies, etc. This can be emailed if you prefer.


On the day of your visit you can expect to be seen very close to the time of your appointment (or you will be notified if we are running behind for any reason). I will examine your films, reports, and any other supporting documentation prior to entering the exam room so that we can discuss your issues in detail. After your physical examination – you will be given a plan that should effectively address your concerns. You will be given the time needed to ask any and all questions. Should you leave our office and have additional questions or concerns – please call my office and I will be glad to discuss any issue. You will be notified of any additional procedures or follow-up that is needed. My office will send reminders for follow-up appointments, but it is always a good idea to also put this on your calendar and contact us should you not receive your reminder at least a few weeks before you are due back. Your referring physician will receive a letter within 48 hours of your visit describing your concerns and our treatment plan. Please let us know of any other physicians that you would like to receive a letter about your visit.

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