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About Us

Breast Specialty of Baton Rouge was founded in March 2005 by Dr. Michael W. Hailey in order to bring exceptional breast care to women afflicted with cancer and diseases of the breast. A graduate of Delta State University and Tulane Medical School, he new early on that he had a passion for helping those patients (and their families) facing breast cancer. Because of this, he offers comprehensive breast care for benign and malignant breast issues. Offering patient education, screening, diagnostic testing and multidisciplinary cancer care – Dr. Hailey has been able to offer efficient and complete care for each patient. As no two cancers are the same, each person receives individual attention and treatment recommendations for their breast issues. Dr. Hailey takes the lead in orchestrating testing, follow-up, referrals, and treatment planning every step of the way.

Breast Specialty of Baton Rouge will work with your regular Physician to ensure your needs are addressed in a timely fashion. Our staff has been trained to provide individual attention on an ongoing basis and assist Dr. Hailey with your day-to-day concerns. Dr. Hailey will do his best to ensure that your physician stays apprised of all findings, recommendations, and follow-ups needed. He will work with other professionals to make sure that you receive the best breast care possible and that all of your concerns are addressed.

Dr. Hailey offers:

  • Screening/Diagnostic Imaging

    • To include MRI of the Breast

  • Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsy

    • Ultrasound Guided Vacuum-Assisted Sonocore Breast Biopsy

    • Stereotactic Breast Biopsy

  • Open Surgical Biopsy

  • Placement of Venous Access Devices (Ports) for chemotherapy administration

  • Breast Conserving Surgery – Lumpectomy

  • Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

  • Prophylactic Mastectomy

  • High-Risk Consultations

  • Screening, diagnosis and treatment of Gynecomastia and other male breast issues

  • Genetic Testing/Counseling

  • Appropriate Laboratory Testing

  • Placement of Partial Breast Radiation Catheters

  • Multi-Disciplinary Breast Cancer Treatment at the time of diagnosis

    • Referrals to the appropriate Clinicians/Specialists

      • Medical Oncology

      • Radiation Oncology

      • Plastic Surgery

      • Genetic Specialist

      • Social Services

      • Physical Therapy

      • Breast Cancer Navigator

      • Etc.

  • Oncotype DX Testing

  • Bone Mineral Density Screening and treatment for osteopenia/osteoporosis

  • Lymphedema Screening and follow-up

  • Second Opinions for workup and treatment of Breast Cancer

  • Second Opinions for palpable or imaging findings


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